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Algebra4Adults (A4A) provides private one-on-one or group math tutorial sessions online or in-person. In-person tutoring is limited to the South Florida area, especially Palm Beach County. A4A math tutoring sessions can be conducted online, in your home, college, local library, coffee house or bookstore.

Who I Help
a.Middle School: Grade 6, 7, and 8
b.High school: Grades 9-12, Precalculus
c.College & Intermediate Algebra
d.Home Schoolers
e.Test Takers

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Maths Rescue Program For falling Student

Monday – Thursday
8am – 8pm

Friday and Saturday
8AM – 4pm

By appointment only

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Our Courses

Grade 6 Mathematics

Grade 7 Mathematics

Grade 8 Mathematics

PreAlgebra Curriculum

Algebra 2 Curriculum

Geometry Curriculum

Liberal Arts Mathematics 1

Liberal Arts Mathematics 2

About Me and My Philosophy

Reginald S Harris

I have been teaching, training, and tutoring students of math and computer science for over 25 years.  Currently I am retired but continue to help learners reach their goals with my virtual classroom and online tutoring. My mission is to give back as much as I got when I grew up attending the great catholic  schools in Harlem and New York City. People say that I am a different kind of math teacher/tutor – one blessed with a unique ability to explain concepts and demonstrate problem solving skills that learners can immediately understand, practice, and use. To improve in math, one must master the basics and practice their use in solving problems. We do “..problems, problems, problems – until there are no more

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